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Cambodia has such a rich culture, that so few visitors really get the chance to experience. That is why we decided to form our specialized cultural tours...


Siem Reap could well one of the most interesting and awe-inspiring places in the world. Cambodia is, of course, famous for the incredible Angkor Wat, which remains an important historical and religious site to this day. As a native resident of Siem Reap, So has watched it grow and develop over the years and become the thriving tourism hub it is today. This fascinating country has such a rich and complicated culture, that so few visitors ever really get the chance to experience. That is why we decided to form Overload Cambodia’s cultural tours.

It goes without saying that a trip to Cambodia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Angkorian temples, but we by no means want you to think that’s all there is to this country. In our cultural tours, we will take you to see the real Cambodian lifestyle. You will get the opportunity to go out to the countryside, where you can see local farmers planting rice and working on the land. We offer a wide range of excursions including, temple trips, the floating village at Tonle Sap Lake, village tours, modern day pagodas, local markets, waterfalls and a trip to the school you are donating to.

We are proud to offer a wide range of tours to our guests; what makes our tours stand out from the masses is that it can all be customised to make sure you get the opportunity to visit the places you really want to see.


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