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Overload Cambodia is a tour company which has been established by So Sok, a Cambodian resident who lives in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. These tours have been created to enable tourists to share the unique Cambodian culture and traditions - an adventure which most people don’t get the opportunity to experience on the larger tours. This tour will inspire you as we visit unforgettable locations and meet beautiful local people with the help of your skilled and friendly guide.

Overload Cambodia wants you to see first‑hand the “real” Cambodia and its relaxed lifestyle and picturesque rural areas. We also want to share our amazing historical temples with you, not just Angkor Wat but the unknown ones most tourist also don’t get to visit. We are also focused on helping and supporting the rural communities that you will visit. 

So has much respect and love for his country and loves to talk about Cambodia's rich culture and traditions. A tour guide is the perfect fit for So, who is an outgoing and passionate man who loves to meet new people and explore new experiences. One of his biggest passions is photography and he has had many experiences running photography tours in the past.

A small percentage of our tour charge goes to help country villages and Stepping Stones School, which was founded in 2010 by So and his wife, Rachel. This school teaches English to over 700 children in Kok Thnot Village, Siem Reap.